Masters of Ceremony: Alicia Romero, Jimmy Chen

Opening Ceremony

Address by Chairman
-- Dr. Joseph Chen, I-Kuan Tao U.S.A.

Address by Distinguished Guests

    The Honorable Ernie G. Gutierrez, Mayor of El Monte
    The Honorable Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County
    Dr. W. L. Wei, Los Angeles
    Ms. Maya Chalich, Representing President Charles J. Lyons of U.S. Fund for UNICEF
    Dr. William E. Lesher, Chair of Council for Parliament of the World's Religions

Congratulating Letters & Proclamations

Addresses by Directors of World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters

    Senior Master Chang, Pei-cheng, Chairman, World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters
    Senior Master Chen, Fong-tsen, Vice-Chairperson, World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters
    Senior Master Kao, King-cheng, Vice-Chairman, World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters


    1) Lion Dance -- The Great Tao Temple
    2) Rejoicing Grand Chorus -- Performed by L.A. Tao Members
                                                   Conductor: Pr. Philip Lin
                                                   Accompanist: M. W. Chen
        The Light of Truth
        Volta Boatman
        Song to Praise the Mother of Universe
    3) Ten Thousand Ways Returning to Oneness -- The Great Tao Temple
                                                   Performed by: Edward Monaghan Team, Xuan De of Basic Section
    4) 99 Club (Drama) -- Zhong Shu Temple (San Francisco)
                                                   Arranged by: Dolly Chao
                                                   Assistant: Helen Lee
    5) Chinese Orchestra -- Xing Yi Division
    6) String Orchestra -- Bao Guang Jian De Division
    7) Universal Rejoicing -- Fa Yi Chong De Division